Ad Hoc Committee To Protect The Good Friday Agreement

“We hope she can reach the squaring of the circle. That is what we are doing. We will look carefully and work with our colleagues in the U.S. Congress to do everything in our power to protect the Good Friday Agreement. “It is not difficult to take away the doubt among Irish Americans. British actions led to a strong resurgence of American interest in the peace process and the ad hoc committee recruited many new members. Building a green wall to protect the GFA is something we know how to do. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is trying in Washington to repair relations with pro-Irish Democrats, as he insists that Britain`s attempt to leave the EU on its own terms undermine the Good Friday peace deal. She said Congress would not sign a trade deal if the Good Friday agreement was not protected. In a letter to members of the U.S. Congress, the committee asks them to support a resolution unanimously passed by the U.S.

House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee last week, which reaffirms its support for the Good Friday Agreement. While she says last month`s withdrawal agreement between the European Union and Britain “looks very promising for Northern Ireland”, she notes the divisions within British politics, pending a general election on 12 December. She added: “If the UK violates its international agreements and Brexit undermines the Good Friday Agreement, there will be absolutely no chance that the uk-US free trade agreement will go before Congress.

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