Certified Copy Of Registered Agreement To Sale

Dear Reema, 1 – No.You must pay the outstanding loan and obtain the certificate of sale. 2 – You can both conclude a sales contract and indicate clear terms and conditions on how/when the remaining amount is to be paid/received. Online application for certified copies of documents registered by commercial Taxes and Registration Department, Tamil Nadu. Index II is an extract obtained after registration of the document of the immovable property. This is a kind of extract issued by the registration department as an official record of the document or transaction in the registration authority`s records and which confirms that the transaction has been concluded. Only certified copies are valid. Index-2 is a very important document, while you take out a loan on the real estate of a bank or financial institution they ask for a certified copy of the index-2 of the property cited. Dear Swati, 1 – Yes, can be applied. First, you can check the details of the certificate of charge, which indicates whether the property is actually registered in its name or not. If the property is in his name, you can request an authentic copy of the original deed of sale. 2 – Some sub-registrar offices give the copy without FIR and anything, but if they insist, you may need to post an ad. If possible, try to verify that the promoter can now give him the original certificate. 3 – I think it`s the same thing.

Dear Sreekanth, My father had contracted in 2015 in a tripartite agreement a loan for a 20-year apartment and took possession in 2017.nNow during the internal audit of the bank. He says that they do not have the deed of sale of our house and that they indicate that the Buildet did not deposit them. and to request his bank confirmation to obtain a document from him. although they themselves granted the full amount of the loan to the contracting authority in 2017. What should be our next step against this? Even if we make certified documents, the property can be transferred from my father to me, so I am the original owner who allows me to sell the property Dear Parthasarathy Ji, In general, it is advisable to give a classified ad before requesting a certified copy of the deed of sale. But I think you can go 2 and give Ad a missing document. Since you`ve already received the certified copy of your certificate of sale, it all comes down to whether or not potential buyers accept the copy. Dear Lal, if this is a real case, there should be no problems in the future.

Some banks may be reluctant to grant a loan on the basis of a certified copy of the deed of sale. I lost my certificate of sale. It is in my father`s name. And I don`t have any information about the land area, like survey number, address, etc. All I know is that it is in sevva pettai. So how do I get a copy of the deed of sale? My father has a property in his name, but his brother has the documents and refuses to give us the documents because he wants to have the property for himself. Some of our relatives and friends suggested getting a copy of the document from the registry office. but the problem is…. My Father does not remember the year of registration and we do not have the document number. All we have is the survey number. But we were told that the survey number could not be used to obtain a copy of our document.

Is there another way to get a copy of our document? To avoid fraud in real estate, it is necessary to carry out a real estate search.. . .

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