Download Agreement Sewa Rumah

If you own a home and want to add real estate assets, this document can be used as proof if you are applying for a home loan from the bank. If you are a tenant, the landlord will respect you more, because with this lease you look more professional and serious when you rent the house. For the full version of the sample rental letter for 12-page apartments, please download Telegram. 4 d. PART TWO is required to maintain and maintain the situation in good condition, including the maintenance of cleanliness and environmental sustainability, including the maintenance of cleanliness and environmental sustainability and public interest organizations. § 5 Rights and obligations During the term of the rental agreement, the second party is not permitted: a. Transfer or transfer of rental rights under this agreement, either in whole or in part, to a third party. b. Use the House for purposes other than those agreed in this Agreement, unless it has been approved in writing by PARTY ONE. c. Make other buildings, boreholes or other excavations around the house without the written permission of FIRST PARTY. d.

Change the structure and installation of the house without the permission and approval of THE FIRST PARTY. What is meant by structure is a system of construction of buildings that supports the layout of the house, such as: foundations, beams, columns, floors and walls. Article 6 DAMAGE AND NATURAL DISASTERS A. Damage to the structure of the building as a result of its full use is the responsibility of PART TWO. b. THE SECOND PARTY is relieved of any damage or claim of the first party due to damage caused to the building as a result of a case of force majeure. Force majeure is as follows: 1) natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, lightning, hurricanes and fires caused by external factors that affect the continuity of this agreement. 2. Troubles, troubles, rebellions and wars. Article 7 CONDITIONS OF TERMINATION OF THE SECOND PARTY MAY TERMINATE THE RENTAL CONTRACT BEFORE THE EXPIRY OF THE TERM OF THE CONTRACT UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: a. Communicate service to the FIRST PARTY at least [() (time in letters)] Days/month* before the end of the contract term.

b. All invoices or accounts and other expenses have been paid for their use. c. Not have the right to claim a refund of the rent for the duration of the unincluded lease. 3 3 2. A house is rented under subsection (1) under the following conditions: a. Rental price of Rp. (.). Rupiah) (rental price). b.

The rental period is long….

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