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From general contracts and agreements to crew models, many of these forms are needed to create a foundation for business behind your film and get a good team on board. You have your team, your locations and your equipment, and now you`re on set: when you stay organized is the most important. To avoid slip-ups, interruptions, or other negative factors that make your life as a director more difficult than it should be, use these forms. This list contains call lists, your essential tool for communicating requirements with all board members. I recently went to my non-profit organization specializing in documentaries and asked for help in finding appropriate contracts/release forms and help with what is needed when talents sign a publication. To my surprise, they haven`t been able to provide usable leads except for the Indie Film Clinic here in NYC. When I went to the Indie Film Clinic, I learned that the director was no longer working there and that the program was frozen. 3. The casting of background, audience or group extras by the Casting Director shall be agreed upon between the parties and attached to Appendix “A”.

An important member of each project is the casting director and his collaborators. During pre-production, the casting director introduces, if necessary, aspiring actors and extras. This process can include individual interviews for selected actors, up to the massive recruitment of extras in public calls. The talent is then presented to the casting panel and taken into account by it, composed of the producer, director, choreographer or another person thus chosen by the producer and the director. They make the final decision on the attitude of the actors and extras. Much of your planning takes place well before production, including trying to attract investors on board and determine who your audience will be. Here are some templates for the early stages, including a story “options” form you want to produce and a worksheet for the director that lays out what needs to happen in each scene. I am grateful to the owner of this site who really shares this wonderful work of this site.

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Organization is the key to a successful photo shoot. With the help of a recording list, you can easily order individual recordings inside a given scene. For example, you can determine the number of records needed to record a given action in the most efficient way. Try one of these handy templates. Exits 27. Daily Cost Table – Film Contracts28. Cash Flow Sheet/PO Log – StudioBinder29. Final occupancy list SAG-UBCP – Film contracts By signing this contract, the independent casting director transfers to the producer all the rights to their performances. [Editor`s note: No film school has asked Adrijana Lazarevic to gather these 99 models, as she can work with filmmakers at] Here you will find useful templates with detailed descriptions of the scenes, equipment and personnel assigned to each scene. This way, you will never lose sight and you can make sure that everything goes according to plan. Memos, contracts and agreements37.

Crew Deal Memo – New Brunswick Cinematographic` Co-Operative38. . . .

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