Short Form Supply Agreement

(c) information lawfully obtained by a third party who may disclose it. Price details: A contract can be concluded for a limited or longer period. Service contracts concluded over a long period of time involve both risks and opportunities for the supplier. It is possible that the price will go down or up, so it is very important to determine and define the details of the price when establishing a service contract. If the contract is concluded over a long period, both parties may agree to adjust the price according to various external factors such as inflation, costs for third parties, etc.21 Modification: No modification, modification or supplement to this agreement is effective, except in writing and signed by both parties. 1 Applicability and acceptance: These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to any short-form data supply contract (SFDSA) between the customer and CoreLogic that contains these general provisions by referring to the link on which they are included online. By entering into the SFDSA, the customer accepts these conditions (which together form the agreement between the parties) and agrees to be bound by them. 23 Assignment: The customer may not assign its rights under this contract without the prior written consent of CoreLogic. CoreLogic may assign its rights under this Agreement by written notice to Customer. 14.1 the customer has breached the agreement and has not corrected such breach in writing within five (5) working days in order to remedy this situation; 14.2 the customer becomes or could become insolvent (or similar); or 14.3 the customer violates the terms of the license granted in this agreement. (a) any direct or indirect supply of raw data or derived products by the customer to third parties, whether for the purpose of supply, re-use, resale or otherwise; and (b) information that was lawfully held by the receiving party before being disclosed or made available under this Agreement and that is not subject to other confidentiality restrictions; or 19 Limitation of Liability: CoreLogic`s maximum aggregate liability under or in connection with this Agreement is limited to the fees paid by Customer under this Agreement. 8 Data License: CoreLogic grants Customer a limited license for specified users to use the Data for the stated purposes and in accordance with other usage restrictions under the terms set forth in this Agreement.

Such a license is not exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensed and limited to lifetime. 18 Appropriate Security Measures: The Customer shall ensure that it limits appropriate security measures to ensure that it complies with its obligations under this Agreement (including confidentiality and license restriction). 24 Comprehensive Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties. 13.1 breach of this agreement; or 13.2 Acts or omissions related to the services of this Agreement. 16 Audit: Customer grants CoreLogic the right to make accessible and verify Customer`s premises and records to ensure that Customer has fulfilled its obligations under this Agreement. . . .

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