State Bar Of California Sample Contingency Fee Agreement

15 (a) The Lawyer shall bear various costs and expenses related to the provision of legal services under this Agreement. The customer agrees to pay all fees, disbursements and expenses in addition to the hourly costs. Costs and expenses generally include, shipping, photocopying and other reproduction costs, travel expenses, parking costs, mileage, catering and hotel costs, investigation costs, costs of consultants, experts, professionals, mediator, arbitrators and/or special Control costs and other similar items. With the exception of the points below, all fees and expenses are charged at the lawyer`s expense. Photocopied in office Facsimile fee Mileage Other: /page /page /mile (b) Travel out of town. The client undertakes to pay for transportation, supplies, accommodation and all other expenses for necessary travel outside the city by the lawyer`s staff. The client will also be charged the hourly rates for the time spent by the legal staff while travelling. (c) experts, advisers and investigators. To assist in the preparation or presentation of the client`s case, it may be necessary to recruit experts, advisors or investigators. . .


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