Uft Memorandum Of Agreement

This COVID-19 pandemic has not allowed UFT leaders to protect the working conditions of their teachers. Leadership inaction is a common thread that connects everyone working in this crisis. Like our heads of government, UFT leaders have not properly defended teachers and families in these unprecedented times, such as when we had to go to work in the midst of a pandemic and when our spring break was removed. It is particularly important that UFT members still do not have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOA). A MOA is a temporary agreement that sets out the rights and conditions of workers for a given period of time. Although still in force, UFT contracts did not predict the diversity of new problems encountered during distance learning. Today we have reached an agreement with the Ministry of National Education that resolves outstanding issues that, for many of you, have been a legitimate source of frustration. This decision can only be made by De Blasio. New COVID cases in NYC have increased by 40% compared to a week ago. De Blasio loses confidence that it`s not going to be bad. The UFT letter contains two keywords: “agreement” and “uft-represented”. I think the UFT wants to make sure that future “agreements” only cover the “uft payers” due. There could be another equal treatment lawsuit against you, which is what you are paying for.

LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Chalkbeat New [email protected] “I`m ready to stop,” one principal said of the agreement between the city and the teachers` union Friday night My neighbor is a school principal and he hasn`t even heard of the deal! How lamentable is this system? Mulgrew said at the summer town hall meeting that they are negotiating housing for those who care for/live on at-risk family members. The prosecution may have expedited the process to reach this agreement. .

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